Bowling News - 10/15/2008

The University of Nebraska Omaha womens bowling team used their new Roto Grip equipment to finish 15th out of 29 teams in the Midwest Collegiate tournament. "The ladies did well for their first tourney of the year." commented UNO ladies coach Doug Ullman. Individually Jacinda Graham finished 61st, Kim Van Ness finished 51st, Taylor Gerard finished 49th, and for the first time in UNO history (mens and womens teams) finishing in first place was Kristen Ruzicka.

UNO is one of 10 college teams that Roto Grip has chosen to sponsor for the 2008-09 season. "The equipment was amazing, all of the girls were very impressed." commented Ullman. Ruzicka used a Cell Pearl to dominate the field for her title. "The only time she put it down was to throw a spare." Ullman commented.