The FSU Women’s Bowling Team is happy to announce a sponsorship with Roto Grip, one of the leading manufactures of bowling equipment in the world. Head Coach Michael Fine is thrilled with the news. "This is a significant step for our women’s program. We have been very pleased with the Roto Grip equipment that our bowlers have used in the past and this will allow us to get even more equipment in their hands." Assistant Coach and Pro-Shop Manager Joey Kendrick is also pleased, "It is great that Roto Grip has chosen us for this sponsorship. I know the girls on the team are excited and so am I. I have been using Roto Grip equipment for several years and have been recommending their products to everyone."

In their first tournament using their new Roto Grip equipment the women did very well. They finished 3rd at the UCF Classic. Coach Fine is very pleased with the performance of the young team. "We are off to the Tier 1 Southern Classic in Atlanta in November and look to continue to improve at this, a much larger event." he commented.

Some of Roto Grip's more popular bowling balls have included the Cell, Illusion, Neptune and the Epic series. Later this fall the much anticipated Cell Pearl will be released.