I just finished watching the video Beyond the bowling basics by Parker Bohn. The first thing I would like to say about it is that I enjoyed was being able to watch a lefty being a lefty myself that was a big plus. This video I believe is geared for someone who at least has a little experience bowling. not alot of time was spent twith the basics but for someone with a little experience this is not a problem. don't get me wrong though a total beginner who has never even picked up a ball could benefit from the instruction. such subjects as Balls, shoes, and other equipment was touched on as was the stance and approach. the section I found the most informative was picking up spares and splits. this subject was covered thouroughly and detailed enough to be able to understand well. moving over boards was covered as well as rolling straight shots at the corners. lastly but not least there was some discussion on the mental game. all and all I thought that the video was well put together and can be helpful to beginners as well as those with a little more experience. I am not sure what year this was made in. I checked this out from my local library.