HOPKINSVILLE, Kent. – With its ability to cut through medium oil with ease, Ebonite’s new Pin Slasher ball is a pin’s worst nightmare.

“Some would argue that the Ebonite V2 core is their all-time favorite core and we cannot disagree,” said Ed Gallagher, Ebonite brand manager. “Teaming this rock solid core with a newer, technically-savy cover from Ebonite will certainly be a hot performer for our brand.

“Pin Slasher is the equivalent of that scary horror movie character that destroys anything and everyone in sight as it searches out its prey. Imagine that type of vengeance directed at the pins and you’ve got Pin Slasher in your hands.”

Pin Slasher is defined by its ever successful V2 core and Ebonite’s powerful GBV 12.7 cover. Strong, smooth ball motion with heavy hook potential is what makes the Pin Slasher the one and only choice for professional level play.

Pin Slasher will be available in 12 – 16 pounds on October 7. For more information, visit www.ebonite.com.

Based in Hopkinsville, Kent., Ebonite International is a privately-owned company that currently services bowling centers, distributors and retail outlets both domestically and internationally. The company’s consumer product brands include Ebonite, Hammer, Robby’s, Columbia 300, Track and Powerhouse™. Its commercial product brands are Ebonite VanTech Capital Equipment, Vantage Genuine Parts and Ebonite Bowling Center Direct.