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Ultimate Inferno

Reaction Characteristics The Ultimate Inferno is a heavy oil ball designed for bowlers who prefer Reactive over Particle coverstocks. The Ultimate Inferno uses the same core as the original Inferno but combines it with a solid 800-grit dull version of Activator coverstock.

Compared to the original Inferno:
  • The Ultimate Inferno will match-up better to oily lane conditions, longer patterns and heavy carry down.
  • The Ultimate Inferno will match-up better for bowlers who struggle with excessively long ball reaction.
  • The Ultimate Inferno will match-up better on heavily oiled - over/under lane conditions.

Brunswick’s new Activator Coverstock has quickly established a reputation for excellence in ball reaction, durability and longevity of ball reaction. On the lanes, Activator Coverstock is clean through the heads with excellent mid-lane recovery and a strong arcing back-end reaction that creates powerful pin action. Owners of the original Inferno have reported that it requires less frequent resurfacing and rejuvenations and is more resistant to cracking than other reactive coverstock balls.

Out of the Box: The Ultimate Inferno is an ideal heavy oil ball for players wanting to use a Reactive coverstock.
When shined: Using Brunswick’s Factory Finish High Gloss Polish the total hooking action of the Ultimate Inferno can be reduced and the arc made more skid/snap.

Reaction Setup
The Brunswick Inferno can be drilled using the standard drilling techniques developed for two-piece balls, see the included drilling instructions for reaction characteristics and layout details.

The Ultimate Inferno is finished with a dull 800-grit surface finish which increases its hooking action in the oil. Dull surface finishes can sometimes hook too early resulting in reduced backend reaction and hitting power. To increase length, polish the surface with Brunswick’s Factory Finish High Gloss Polish. Bowling Forums is proud to present reviews for this ball. If you have this ball please leave a review for others to see.

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