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    Post The Sauce

    By Hammer Bowling...

    "The Sauce"

    The Sauce High Performance Series features an all-new Contrusion core shape allowing for greater backend movement without sacrificing breakpoint control. and the Hammer Aggressice Edge Coverstock; the most aggressive coverstock we've cooked up yet.

    Available Weights: 16, 15, 14, 13, 12
    Factory Finish: 4000 Grit Abralon
    Coverstock: Aggresive Edge Coverstock
    Core: Contrusion Core Shape; Low Mass Bias Non-Symmetric
    Reaction: Aggressive Mid-Lane with Strong Backend Continuation Bowling Forums is proud to talk about Hammer Bowling Products. If you have this ball, please leave a review for others.

    Please note the REVIEW posting rules
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    i have got a sauce on the hammer book strong layout with pin next to my ring finger and CG kicked out probably 1/2 inch, ball gets clean through the heads and rolls up great and hits like a TRUCK! but every hammer ball i have does cause NOTHING HITS LIKE A HAMMER! :P

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    The Hammer Sauce has been a pleasant surprise. While the Hammer site compares it closely to the Raw Hammer Anger in terms of overall hook, this ball will cover 2-3 more boards on every condition bowled on to date:
    • Kegel Beaten Path
    • PBA Senior Masters
    • Typical House Shot
    • 2008 USBC National Open (approximation)

    The midlane is as strong as the Hammer Anger and above average compared to other current equipment. However, the Sauce will continue to hook more on the back end where the Anger is milder. Overall the length is average and the back end hook is slightly above average.

    What I like most about this ball is the smooth change in direction. Even on a wet/dry, over/under house condition, the Sauce doesn't make a sharp move when it encounters friction. It is a strong arc.

    Most Like
    The Sauce reminds me of the Storm Tour Power, but covers more boards with more midlane or the No Mercy but with less continuation on the back end. It is easier to get the Sauce to stop if needed.

    Ball Details:
    Box surface (4000 grit abralon)
    Pin-to-PAP distance: 5 inches
    Mass Bias Location: Between track and "strong" position, just below thumb hole.

    My Details, "typical" release (CATS)
    Speed at 10 feet: 17.5mph
    Rev rate: 325rpm
    PAP: 6 over, half up
    Axis Tilt: Track over thumb hole and edge of finger hole
    Axis Rotation: 50 degrees
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