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Thread: Anyone in Southern California Area

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    Default Anyone in Southern California Area

    I am military so I typically bowl on base. I live in the Chula Vista area so the Brunswick lanes are close and I also frequent Kearny Mesa Bowl where I get my equipment drilled.

    Obviously the base is cheapest, Brunswick is kind of spendy unless they have deals going (which is why they are so empty on weekends....) and Kearny always seems to have a good amount of people.

    I am just looking to start bowling more often and get into a league when the next round starts up.

    Anyone around the San Diego Area?

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    Hey! I've bowled Kearny Mesa, that place is awesome. I'm from RI though. I just visit some friends that live in that area once in a while.

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    I live in Alpine. I bowl leagues on base 32nd st and North Island.


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