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Thread: Lane #1 Pearl Droid Bowling Ball Reaction Video by

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    Default Lane #1 Pearl Droid Bowling Ball Reaction Video by

    Pearl Droid Specs
    Product ID: 10218
    Brand: Lane #1
    Release Date: 03/31/2012
    Perfect Scale®: 206.6
    Performance: Pro Performance(10)
    RG: 2.566
    Differential: 0.045
    Mass Bias Diff: 0.012
    Flare Potential: 4"
    Breakpoint Shape: Length with Strong Backend
    Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy
    Finish: Polished
    Coverstock: Reactive Resin
    Coverstock Name: Bionic
    Core Type: Asymmetric
    Core Name: Cyborg Diamond
    Quality: First Quality
    Color(s): Green,Black

    Lane #1 Bowling Balls

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    thats a dame nice ball gose down the lane soo nicely and hits those pins soo dame hard
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    I'm looking forward to getting this one in... I didn't get the pearl version, though. I'm looking forward to it!
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