Question from Ulysses:
Q - Hi Guys !!

Have a question for you ? I started bowling at the age of 33 now am 46. At that time there was no internet or available media on bowling. I started playing backup and ever since not be able to change it ? Being located in Kuwait and not having more than 200 bowlers during that time I didn't have a choice to whom to listen to as everyone came up with a different opinion. What do I do ? do I Improve on the style or should I change my style to something new? I know its bit late to score high but some basics guidance would help me also guide my kids who already are playing Hook.

Cheers !

A - Great question. My opinion and advice for you would be to continue with your current style and work on improving your game as it is. You have 13 years of muscle memory and trying to change over to a conventional bowling style would require a lot of work and may prove to be very difficult. I have seen some very good bowlers that throw a back up ball and are able to score very well on tough conditions.

As for your kids, they should definitely be taught the correct way from an early age. This will make their life in bowling much easier as they grow up. Although you may not be able to assist them in every aspect of their game you can still guide them in developing a smooth consistent approach and balance.

Bowling has come a long way in your area and I am sure that you can find some sort of coaching or league situation that will also assist them in developing as bowlers.

Question from YouTube Viewer DrivillianGenocide:
Q - I'm a self taught bowler in a sense. When I first got a hook ball I started to cup my wrist and un-cup my wrist to create Revs. A friend of mine told me I would get better ball reaction if I didn't do that, do you agree with what he's saying? And if so, what could I do to help stop doing that.

A - Well, first it's a matter of consistency. Can you do that same motion repeatedly and consistently? To me, that is something easier to do when you are younger, but you want to be forming your game around the long term enjoyment of it.

One sure fire way to teach yourself to stop is by using a bowling wrist device. This will help you set your wrist in a position so that you can feel the motion. You can use this just as a training aid while you practice, or you can use it in league/tournament play if necessary. You can also get an idea if the reaction you get from the ball is what you want compared to when you take the device off.


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