Campbellsvile University has announced that it plans to add varsity Men's and Women's Bowling to it's list of sports offered. The addition of Bowling will give Campbellsville 14 sports and a total of 23 athletic teams.

"We are excited to be adding Bowling to our varsity sports at CU," said Director of Athletics Rusty Hollingsworth. "We will be only the 18th NAIA school to offer the sport on the varsity level and will participate as members of the United States Bowling Congress since the NAIA has not sanctioned collegiate bowling in almost 20 years," he added.

Being part of the USBC will mean that Campbellsville will be grouped together with all sizes of Universities and Colleges in competing for a National Championship. "Bowling is one sport where the true National Champion is taken from among all sizes of schools and we will be competing against the smallest and largest progams in the nation," said new Head Bowling Coach John Rausch.
Rausch comes to Campbellsville from Reynoldsburg, Ohio where he served as a Minister of Music and Youth for 22 years at Reynoldsburg Baptist Church. He also spent five years at White Level Baptist Church in North Carolina.

He is a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Seminary and Franklin University.

"We are beginning recruiting immediately," said Rausch. "Primarily we will focus on the states of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee as the number of high school bowling teams has grown considerably with the popularity of the sport. Right now there are over 40 high school teams in Kentucky, over 125 in Tennessee and over 200 in Ohio alone. I believe we can recruit quality bowlers and students to Campbellsville and become competitive in the USBC fairly quickly," added Rausch.

Campbellsville plans to have a roster of ten men and ten women in place for next season which will start in late fall of 2009. "We will primarily look to bring in freshmen, although there will be opportunities for current students to participate as well," said Rausch. He added that Campbellsville would offer scholarship money for bowling.